Videos of “More on surface tension – floating Ping-Pong balls”

Here are the videos of the “More of surface tension – floating Ping-Pong balls” demonstration. The full videos are linked from the GIF captions.

Cup partially full with ball drawn to the edge of the cup

Video Apr 22, 11 17 01 AM 00_00_30-00_00_36

Cup over full with ball drawn tot he middle of the cup. 


Video Apr 22, 11 18 39 AM 00_00_27-00_00_34

An index of all the demonstrations posted on this blog can be found here. Don’t forget to follow @nbkaye on twitter for updates to this blog. If you have a demonstration that you use in class that you would like to share on this blog please email me ( I also welcome comments (through the comments section or via email) on improving the demonstrations.


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