Videos of “Buoyancy – Balancing ping-pong balls”

Here are the videos of the “Buoyancy – Balancing ping-pong balls” demonstration. The full video is here. The GIF titles link to shorter videos. Obviously the YouTube videos from @veritasium here, here, and here have slightly higher production standards.

Setup 1

balance1 00_00_00-00_00_16~1


Setup 2

balance2 00_00_00-00_00_27~1

The payoff

balance3 00_00_01-00_00_06~1

An index of all the demonstrations posted on this blog can be found here. Don’t forget to follow @nbkaye on twitter for updates to this blog. If you have a demonstration that you use in class that you would like to share on this blog please email me ( I also welcome comments (through the comments section or via email) on improving the demonstrations.


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