Other fluids education resources I – websites, books, and DVDs

No new demonstration this week. However, there are a lot of other resources available for people teaching fluid mechanics classes. These include websites, books, DVDs, and online videos. I have put together a list of some of them. They are very briefly described below.


Efluids has been around for a while and has an education section that includes links to a lot of materials including videos, class notes, etc. It also has a section on experiments with write ups of simple demonstrations and experiments that can be used as part of a fluids course.

FYFD! is a blog that posts videos, images, and news stories about fluid dynamics. The videos come with simple explanations of the flow physics and are often very dramatic. I have used many of them in class (usually on Friday as a little end of the week entertainment) to give students a sense of the breadth of the role of fluid dynamics in the world.

Fluids Education Google group is a community for sharing information and resources about teaching fluid mechanics and other fluids education information (such as REU opportunities).

www.learncheme.com out of the University of Colorado is a resource for Chemical engineering faculty, but also contains a lot of resources in the area of fluid mechanics including concept test questions, clicker questions, and interactive simulations.

Oklahoma University list of brief descriptions of fluid dynamics demonstrations: There are a lot of good ideas here but somewhat limited descriptions.

U.C. Berkeley demonstrations from their physics department: Again, lots of ideas, but little in the way of descriptions of how to run the demonstrations or do the analysis.

http://www.onlineconversion.com/ A very useful site for doing every imaginable unit conversion.

Books and DVDs:

Cambridge University Press has a DVD of Multimedia Fluid Mechanics that includes hundreds of videos with very brief descriptions of the flow.

H2Oh! is an new ASCE publication that documents a broad range of in class activities and demonstrations for use in introductory fluid mechanics and water resources classes. Each demonstration contains a list of objectives, equipment (sometimes including a rough budget), and a detailed step-by-step set of instructions.

An index of all the demonstrations posted on this blog can be found here. Don’t forget to follow @nbkaye on twitter for updates to this blog. If you have a demonstration that you use in class that you would like to share on this blog please email me (nbkaye@clemson.edu). I also welcome comments (through the comments section or via email) on improving the demonstrations.


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